How Event Lighting Hire Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

The right event lighting hire can do so much more than provide illumination for your event. While lighting up the event space is the primary purpose of event lighting, it isn’t the only one. After all, your event space probably already has lighting of its own. Why is renting additional event lighting important? Learn more about this critical component of the event planning process.

Benefits of Event Lighting Hire

Many event planners work with lighting and sound hire companies to make sure that their events move forward seamlessly. In many cases, these hires are focused solely on sound, including PA systems, speakers, microphones, and music playback systems. A trustworthy audio hire is essential for getting everyone out on the dancefloor at weddings and making sure that presenters can be heard at conferences—but the right lighting hire is essential, too. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Lighting helps to set a mood or atmosphere: Most event spaces do have their own lighting, but usually, that lighting is little more than dull fluorescent ceiling lights. This lighting is what people associate with work and clinical environments; it’s not ideal for events that are supposed to be fun, celebratory, or engaging. Bringing in outside lighting lets you set a specific mood, whether by controlling lighting levels and intensity or playing with coloured lighting.
  • Lighting helps focus audience attention: Spotlights and other focused lighting solutions are ideal for putting audience attention where you want it to be—whether it’s on a musical performer or a speaker at a seminar.
  • Lighting helps with visibility: Every lighting design should help to illuminate speakers or highlight the objects of attention at your event, but a deliberate lighting design also helps to optimise visibility for the other visual elements of your event. Natural light or ceiling light can sometimes cast a glare on video screens or make projector images challenging to see. Working with a professional for lighting equipment hire can help you to strike the right balance with lighting so that everything is crisp, clean, and easy to see.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Lighting Equipment Hire

As you plan your lighting equipment rental, keep these tips in mind to get more value out of the hire.

  • Come up with a vision: At Insight Audio Visual, we love helping clients to achieve their visions with lighting design. The more you can tell us about what you want to achieve—with colour, atmosphere, mood, focal points, and more—the better equipped we will be to hit that mark.
  • Don’t settle for event space lighting: When you rent an event space, don’t feel the need to use its default lighting system for your event. Learning what a venue has on hand is a good idea as you might be able to use some of that equipment for your event, but always feel free to call in the reinforcements if you aren’t 100 percent happy with the equipment on hand.
  • Get a quote: Call us today to request a quote. We’ll chat with you, learn about your event, walk through your space, discuss your lighting vision, and give you an accurate quote that reflects what you need.

Why Insight Audio Visual Is Cost-Effective

If you are looking for event lighting hire in Christchurch, give Insight Audio Visual a call. We are a cost-effective option thanks to our in-depth knowledge, dynamic equipment selection, commitment to eliminating glitches before they turn into failures, and ability to provide audio and lighting solutions under the same roof. Contact us today to get started.

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