Insight Audio Visual Ltd
Hire Agreement Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance
Regardless of whether the client has signed the hire agreement or not, it is accepted that upon acquisition of the goods that this constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and any of the hire charges on the client’s order.

2. Cancellation and Postponement
If the client cancels or postpones the booking, then they may be charged depending on the costs incurred by Insight Audio Visual. This will be on a case-by-case basis.
Where a deposit has been paid, and the booking is either cancelled or postponed due to any circumstance, including covid or other pandemics, then this may result in the deposit being forfeited, either some or all, on a case-by case basis. Once the booking is rescheduled, a new deposit will be required to book in this event.

3. Loss or Damage & Stains to Equipment
The client accepts full responsibility for the equipment, from the moment it leaves Insight Audio Visual premises until it returns. The client will bear the risk of any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of equipment, whether by environmental factors, contractors, staff, or venue staff. The client will be responsible for any costs to fix or replace equipment. The insurance of the equipment during the hire period and/or while the hirer has it in their possession is the responsibility of the hirer.
The client will be charged for any cleaning costs for any of the material-based equipment, e.g., drapes, stage skirts etc, that have any stains on them due to spills or mishandling from the client’s event, this will be invoiced after the event.

4. Delivery
Delivery, setup/pack down by Insight Audio Visual is standard practice and the delivery or freight costs will be charged to the hirer. However, collection of equipment from Insight Audio Visual is available for those clients that are trained and competent in the use of the equipment, determined/approved by Insight Audio Visual.

5. Equipment
a. The equipment is agreed to as be stated on the hire agreement form
b. While every endeavour is made to supply the equipment requested, Insight Audio Visual reserve the right to substitute other
designs where necessary
c. Insight Audio Visual will not be responsible for problems with delays, non-supply, accidents or loss of damage of any kind,
direct, indirect or consequential which may arise through defects or breakdowns of the equipment hired. Insight Audio Visual
may give an appropriate discount at their discretion for any inconvenience caused.
d. Insight Audio Visual reserve the right to decline hire of equipment, if on the day of the event, the environmental conditions are
thus that the equipment could be damaged or there is risk of harm to anyone because of these conditions.

6. Faulty Equipment
Should the hirer consider any equipment to be faulty, Insight Audio Visual must be contacted as soon as possible whereupon a replacement, if available, will be made available at no extra charge.

7. Hire Period
The hire period is from the time the equipment leaves Insight Audio Visual until the time it is returned, if it is returned later than on the hire agreement, the cost for this will be added to the account.

8. Inspections
Insight Audio Visual reserve the right to inspect the equipment on the event site at any time.

9. Owners Liabilities
Insight Audio Visual undertakes no liabilities whatsoever in respect of third party and similar risks for personal injury or for consequential damage of any kind.

10. Payment
The charges for clients are stated on the Invoice, including payment date. The account must be paid by the due date or an interest rate of 2% per month will be charged. Should any collection costs be undertaken to recover the hire charge from the hirer be incurred, this will be passed onto the client.
It is standard practice for Insight Audio Visual to request a non-refundable deposit to be paid before the hire period commences for confirmation of your booking. Deposits are between 20 & 50 percent of the total cost set by Insight Audio Visual on a case-by-case basis. Any extra equipment, labour or technician hours added after the final quote or invoice, or on the job, will be charged at standard prices by invoice once the event has finished.
* For any international clients, the amount on the invoice must be the figure received by Insight Audio Visual, any bank fees issued to the client and/or Insight Audio Visual due to the international transfer must be paid by the client.

11. Property Rights
The hire equipment remains the property of Insight Audio Visual Ltd and the client is a bailee of the equipment. The client undertakes to keep the equipment in their possession and control and not to sell the equipment. All Insight Audio Visual signage must remain on equipment.

12. Proper Use
The client should only use the equipment for what it was designed for and not attempt to alter, repair or modify the equipment.

13. Return of Goods
All goods that are returned to Insight Audio Visual are to be clean and tidy, and to be returned in the same road cases and packaging that they are supplied in. If they are not returned as per the time period specified on the rental agreement, the client will continue to accrue the hire charge set out in the rental agreement until it is returned. If the goods are not returned the client will be charged the replacement cost.

14. Termination
Should there be any breach of the Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions, Insight Audio Visual have the right to terminate the hire period without delay. If any equipment is to be recovered the cost of this will be passed onto the hirer.

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