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We design PA systems in Christchurch that meet the unique needs of your event. We work with individuals and companies to provide the best AV experience during your large or small event.

Tips Regarding PA System for Outdoor Events

When planning an outdoor event, there are several special considerations, including:

  • Be prepared for the weather. When planning an outdoor event, the weather can have a significant impact on your audio-visual requirements. Always have a backup plan, such as a tent, in case the weather is not ideal. When booking your AV equipment, our team collaborates with you to ensure the equipment will work for both Plan A and Plan B.
  • Consider power sources and how many circuits will be required. Not just for the audio-visual equipment, but your caterer and lighting pathways, seating areas, and the dance floor. If your event is in a space that is not designed to host events, a backup generator is critical. The last thing you need is a blown fuse in the middle of an important presentation or the bride and groom’s first dance.
  • A successful outdoor event is one where everyone can hear the presentation. Plan to use a system with more outputs and coverage than you would typically use for an indoor function. This coverage ensures sounds from wind or birds will not drown out your speaker. With everyone close to an output, they will hear your message clearly.

The Importance of a PA System with Microphone and Speakers

The right PA system is essential for a successful event, and here is why:

  • Make yourself heard with one of our PA system packages. You could try hosting an event without a microphone and speakers, but you run the risk of people not hearing your message. Our packages ensure everyone can hear your presentation, understand your message, and has a good time.
  • Save your voice! A microphone is essential for preserving your voice for more critical discussions during your event. You and your guest speaker may spend a lot of time talking to attendees, answering questions and ensuring everyone is having a good time. Avoid additional strain on your vocal cords by having an AV system that allows you to speak at a conversational level.
  • Too few speakers and people will not be able to hear your message. Too many speakers and your audience feels overpowered. We work closely with you to ensure your message is heard by everyone in the room, without being overpowering. We customise our packages to the venue and any atmospheric considerations, such as wind in the trees or meetings in neighbouring rooms.

About Insight Audio Visual

We have been operating for over two years in Christchurch, providing equipment and skill to hotels and event venues, corporate events and weddings. We work with event planners and individuals to tailor our services to your specific audio-visual requirements.

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