It’s not uncommon for professional event planners and concerned family members or friends to put off sound hire in Christchurch for a party until the last moment. Let us take the anxiety and stress out of the equation and make your party positively reverberate.

What Sets Insight Audio Visual Apart Regarding Sound System Hire in Christchurch?

Many audiovisual events companies provide just one part of the package that we offer to our clients. Don’t leave anything to chance—choose Insight Audio Visual and you’ll enjoy:

  • Access to the most modern and technical difficulty-proof equipment on the market. As a sound rental company, we’re in a unique position to furnish your event with the highest-quality sound equipment out there.
  • Our years of experience working with hotels, corporate events, and weddings. We’ll give you the unique ability to create precisely the atmosphere that you’re after, whatever the occasion may be.
  • Working with our experienced customer service team. Trust sound engineers who’ve experienced the ups and downs of the profession to provide you with the right AV requirements at your venue. Our experience means that your event will be glitch-free.

When planning an event, sound is the one thing that you don’t want to skimp on: get our experienced team to apply their seasoned know-how to your audiovisual needs.

Tips Regarding PA Sound

PA systems, or public address systems, represent one of the most vital aspects of audiovisual engineering. Before deciding on a sound rental company, you should know a few fast facts.

  • PA systems have been around for longer than you think. From ancient Greece through to the 19th century, people used conical megaphones to project their voices. Since then, electric amplifiers have taken their place—but with this development comes a higher chance of glitches.
  • That annoying ringing sound that you hear when a microphone is set up incorrectly? That’s called a feedback loop, and it is caused by the microphone picking up on the sound coming out of nearby speakers. This issue can present a safety hazard as some feedback loops can reach above 120dB, far beyond the recommended exposure for our sensitive ears.
  • A correctly-set-up PA system will not experience a feedback loop or other common glitches that you’ve likely seen at school or work events. Experienced sound engineers can ensure a correct application of the event’s PA system.

Why Trust Insight Audio Visual Regarding Sound System Hire in Christchurch?

Now you know the headaches and dangers of a poorly-applied sound system. From permanent hearing damage to an embarrassing glitch, no one serious about their event’s sound quality should skip enlisting skilled audiovisual professionals. Our years of experience and local roots in Christchurch have helped us to become a trustworthy authority on this complicated subject.

Don’t risk an embarrassing technical difficulty at your next event. Contact us now and rest at ease that your next function, wedding, or work conference will go off without a hitch.

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